Bushfire Recovery 2020

On Wednesday 26 August, Grocon completed the clean-up of the final property registered with the Victorian State Government’s Bushfire Recovery programme.

For the past seven months, 38 clean-up work crews plus other trades have worked six days a week, totalling more than 372,000 hours, to remove the debris left when the devastating bushfires swept through East Gippsland and North East Victoria in December and January.  Almost 75,000 tonnes of bushfire waste has been removed from properties registered with the bushfire clean-up.

Over the duration of the clean-up, trucks have travelled approximately 1,274,936km between properties and tips. That’s the same distance as travelling around Australia almost 88 times.

At the peak period, 420 people were employed on the clean-up. This included 40 Grocon employees, 49 sub-contractors/businesses and 1 consultant.

The clean-up operation has been extremely challenging for everyone given the vast areas destroyed, the distances between the clean-up sites, the often-rough terrain and since March the additional operational issues created by Covid-19.

Grocon is very proud of the fact that the clean-up of 736 properties has been completed within the timeframes initially established by the Victorian Government.

The Grocon clean-up represents the first step towards the future for many home owners who can now start rebuilding lives.

Congratulations and thank you to Grocon’s Bushfire Recovery team who have worked tirelessly this year to deliver this outstanding result for Victoria’s affected communities.

If you need to contact someone to discuss the clean-up, please call or email Bushfire Recovery Victoria.

Bushfire Recovery Victoria
P | 1800 560 760