‘Our aim is to create homes where people can thrive. We think that accessible, sustainable dwellings designed carefully and executed well can enable great communities to develop and prosper.’

Christian Grahame, Head of Residential

For many years Grocon has developed and built residential projects in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Some of our projects have become modern, highly sought after classics like Harry Seidler’s Cove Apartments in Sydney, Rob McBride’s QV2 adjacent to the lawns of the State Library of Victoria and Nonda Katsalidis’ Eureka Tower in Melbourne.

Our project range extends from the highest apartment in the southern hemisphere at Eureka, to the thirty buildings containing 1,253 dwellings at Parklands on the Gold Coast and as exclusive as the QV8 redevelopment in Melbourne that contained eight very special apartments.

At Grocon Residential we know that, when designing places for people to live, it’s not about the scale of a project but the quality of the environment that we provide for individuals and families to enjoy and that’s what excites us.

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