‘Clients with complicated building problems or significant development challenges consistently turn to Grocon for answers and innovations.’

Daniel Grollo, Executive Chairman & CEO

How do you use airspace above a heritage building? It’s a vexing question and particularly difficult when the preconditions are to leave the original building completely untouched.  Grocon devised a unique steel frame structural engineering scheme that cantilevered over the top of the original historic building.  An Australian first and a truly beautiful new workspace.

5 Martin Place Case Study Video

How do you build the tallest residential building in the southern hemisphere and ensure that the structure is both safe and economical build while also being incredibly rigid so that it doesn’t sway at the top? Answer is to invent a whole new super high strength concrete and perfect that in testing to deploy it at the Eureka Tower in Melbourne.

More recently, with the annual production of cement accounting for approximately 6% of the world’s carbon emissions, Grocon has turned its attention to reducing our reliance on cement. In 2010 Grocon set about inventing a new form of concrete that halved the CO2 emissions (independently verified by RMIT University) with a product called Pixelcrete. This material was used throughout our Pixel Building and shows the world that industrial waste, recycled water and aggregate can be both practical and beautiful. Pixelcrete was the winner of the Victorian Premier’s Sustainability Award “Product of the year” in 2011.