‘Nothing is more important than safety.  Nothing.’

Daniel Grollo, Executive Chairman & CEO

Grocon’s quest to improve safety is ongoing, uncompromising and relentless.   Safety is the responsibility of every person who works for Grocon or who works on a Grocon site.

No mature player in the construction industry is foolish enough to ignore safety but Grocon has walked the talk for so many years that a safety culture, governed by facts and actions rather than notions, has become embedded in the way we do things.  Our dedication to safety means that Grocon has become an industry leader in this arena.  This is because we hold ourselves to a higher standard

Our industry leading position is evidenced by the latest available statistics published by Safe Work Australia which indicates Grocon’s safety performance is significantly better than the industry average.

Lost Time Injury Frequency Rates (LTIFRs) across the building construction industry average 7.2 (i.e. lost time injuries per million hours) worked over the three years to end 2014 – the latest published statistics. Comparatively, Grocon’s present performance (measured in accordance with Safe Work Australia’s guidelines) significantly outperformed the industry average, recording an annual average of less than 1.5.

By way of context, it’s true that the above results say that Grocon is significantly better than industry average, but it’s more illuminating to explain it in these terms:  unlike most of the construction industry, working on a Grocon site is as safe as working at an office in, say, the financial services sector.

Zero harm or a zero LTI is our goal and our focus. Safety is an ongoing journey and there will always be more to do and Grocon accepts the challenge whole-heartedly.