‘No project is too large, too small or too complex for Grocon to compromise on our world class stance on sustainability.’

Daniel Grollo, Executive Chairman & CEO

Grocon has long lead the construction and property industry to build a more sustainable world; indeed, our Chairman was a founding member of the Green Building Council of Australia.  At Grocon we understand that a culture of sustainability is critical to the future of both our planet and our industry.  That’s why Grocon has long walked the talk.

Take Pixel in Melbourne for example.  It’s the only project in Australia to record a perfect Green Star score.  Legion House in Sydney is a 6-star Green Star designed heritage adaptation with zero carbon emissions; higher ratings than required by under our construction contract.  1 Bligh in Sydney, 480 Queen Street in Brisbane… take a look through our project listings and you’ll see that countless, indeed too many to mention in this summary, Grocon projects have been built with sustainability ratings that far exceeded the client and contractual expectations… because that’s the right thing to do.