March 31, 2016

VBA Audit – 9 Riverside Quay, Southbank (Eureka Tower)

The Victorian Building Authority are undertaking a series of audits on buildings in Victoria to determine whether there has been “potential non-compliant use of cladding” on buildings recently constructed.

According to their web site, as part of that audit, the VBA have identified possible “non-compliant material” at the Eureka Tower site. The VBA has referred that audit outcome to the Municipal Building Surveyor (MBS), which has now undertaken its own review and “determined the building safe for occupation with no further action required”.

Eureka Tower is a very large and complex project. The tower is clad largely with glass. In other areas the tower uses 100% compliant Fire Rated Alucobond as part of the external cladding. This product is nothing like that used at Lacrosse and any suggestion that it is both misfounded and misleading.

In relation to the VBA’s audit process we have only been provided with the information made publically available by the VBA.

Neither now, nor at the time of the VBA first raising its concerns, have we been provided with any detail or other information from it as to the basis of any concerns the VBA may have, or have had, arising from its audit. We would welcome those details and/or reasons.

In the interim we consider it important to note that the Municipal Building Surveyor has been provided the VBA’s audit findings and has found, as noted on the VBA web site “the building safe for occupation with no further action required”.

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